September 11, 2014

Always a super fun sensory activity is the Montessori mystery bag. Because Ru is so little, I chose five simple to identify objects that she is familiar with. 1. A toy train 2. Dinosaur 3. spoon 4. ball 5. block. The purpose is for your child to identify objects simply by using their sense of touch. To start, I asked Ruthie to find each object one by one, using her eyes and hands. Then I told her it was mama's turn and went through doing the same thing, except I showed her how I was only using my hands, keeping my eyes closed. I still had her interest so I put all the items back in the bag and  encouraged her to try finding the train with just her hands. (That was a bit tricky but she sure loved trying.) Once she can master these five objects, I'll switch them out for new ones and as she gets older, I'll put in different types of fabrics, shapes and shells or rocks. 

Next week I'm planning to share a few idea's for how to get your toddler to help around the house. Gosh, this age is fun!


  1. love this! fantastic idea and a great activity!


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