September 25, 2014

Hey there! I wanted to share an exciting new project some friends of mine are launching that's unlike anything else in the city. It's called Simple Space and the idea is, well, simple. They are providing a simple, raw(ish), beautiful space in the heart of Over The Rhine for you to use however you please. A pop up shop, art gallery, launch party, listening party, raging game of monopoly, whatever! It's pretty brilliant if you ask me. Did I mention they are moving their family of 6 into the space above and diving right in to city life? So awesome. So, a few things in the business space still need to get done, including the bathroom and a heating/cooling system so folks can enjoy the space in comfort, so i'm asking a favor. Hop over to their indiegogo campaign and at least take a watch, would you? It's a pretty rad video. Anyways, congrats Heather and Levi! Simple Space is going to be amazing. I myself can't wait to get in there and host...something!


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