January 12, 2015

I just sent out birthday party invitations to our family because in just a few weeks, our baby turns 2. 2. This one feels much more significant than 1 because then she was still a babe in every sense of the word. She wasn't talking much, could not walk, was still waking multiple times through the night, nursed often and smelled the sweet baby smell. But two! Two signifies the transition from baby to kid and that is so much bigger to me than surviving the first year. Truthfully, I'm not sad about her growing. Seeing her grow means I witness the incredible things she is capable of and see her personality form more and more each day. Right now she is about as sweet and funny and smart as they come. (Hi. No bias from this mom. Clearly.)  She can count to 14, knows the words to a ton of songs and can sing them all by herself, speak in full sentences, express love verbally, ('mama, I love you soooo much') and non love things ('I don't like that really well') hop with both feet off the ground, and a bunch of other things only her mother would think are amazing. She blows my mind. Just the other day we started a new game where I say, 'I love you more than ______' and then she takes a turn which as you can imagine - heart explosion. Although sometimes she chooses to say, 'I love you more than bananas!' and truth be told, she doesn't love bananas all that much so that one kind of makes you feel eh, but if you get a, 'I love you more than popsicles', you know you have a pretty big place in her heart. It's like all the cake, ice cream, playgrounds, crayons, popsicles and strawberries inserted in the blank don't even come close to how much I actually do love her. Heart bursting out of my chest, kiss her face off, squeeze her as hard as I can, smell the crease of her neck, smooch her toes all day long kind of love. I can hardly take it.

So anyways, on February 2, she turns two and I'm so happy and proud and in love with this girl that I don't have a thought to feel sad about it. Life with my almost 2 year old is just too dang sweet.


  1. So sweet! She's so cute too:) I wish I had more of your attitude- my heart seems to break a little more each birthday. I try to celebrate their growth, but oh it goes so quickly. Happy Birthday to your little one love.

  2. It does go by so quickly and that part is sad - that life just whizzes by. But for me, I love her more and more each day and love nothing more than seeing her become the girl she is becoming. It's bittersweet for sure but I really don't wish for her to be a baby again. :)

    1. Also, when she's 16 I know I'll feel differently. :/

  3. Gah! I can't wait for the I love yous coming from my little girl's mouth!

  4. i know what you mean, each season has its wonder and while a part of me will always miss bits from the past, the current season has its own unique joys that i wouldn't want to miss. i hope it was a beautiful celebration and happy birthday sweet ruthie!


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