April 3, 2015

The dining room is by far the most modern room in our house. I love that it cathces you off guard when you step in. It's deep gray (almost navy) walls and it's shocking artwork. We totally fell in love with those cool 1950 mughots when we spotted them from a vendor of ours at our first City Flea in 2011 and we've had them hanging ever since. The kitchen, which the dining room opens up to is all white (tour coming soon!) and the reason I feel like we can get away with such a dark color in the dining area. I sometimes feel like it's a room in our house that doesn't really fit with the rest of the home, but i've really come to love it. We spend so much time in there- we eat every meal together around our big wooden farm table (which we had custom made a few years ago by a local woodworker) and the number of family dance parties that have happened in this space is too many to count. Most everything in our dining room and kitchen (they really are like one big room) is either wood or white and I think that is the other reason the decor feels most modern to me. Below are the sources for some of the pieces //

Mugshots / Larken Design

Dining chairs / Herman Miller

Bar Cart / Brooklyn Flea Market

Dining Table / Custom by T Wallace

Buffet / estate sale and refinished by my husband

Globe / Flea Market

Bar Stool / Target

The kitchen is up next!


  1. Happy Easter! What a lovely gift to see the "heart" of your family home - the dining room! The kitchen and dining room, i feel, is the heart of every home. Our kitchen is quite small and we sacrificed our dining room for a play room, so we moved our dining table into the kitchen and i do love the cosy feel when we sit down to eat together as a family.. by far one of my most favorite rooms in any home!

    I love the dark colors in your room - you can easy get away with this because of the light coming in from your stunning windows! Also i love the modern light fitting that hangs right over your dining table. You have such fabulous style!

    Family dance parties..i can just imagine what beautiful memories those walls hold!

  2. This is so cool! I LOVE the mugshots!

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous home! I am a first time mom, Cincinnatian, and a photographer and have fallen in love with your blog! Very inspiring.


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