April 10, 2015

Oh the kitchen. The heart of the house and really, isn't that so true? You cook here, eat here, dance here, snuggle here, cry here, gather here. I love our kitchen to pieces. When we first moved in the kitchen was fine. It was updated and clean. All we could really ask for but after 6 months or so we knew it wasn't 'us,' so we ripped out the counters (and added butcher block) painted the walls all white, painted the cabinets bright yellow, and then all white again (phew) put the subway tile up and re-floored. Just this past Christmas we bought Ru her own little kitchen and I could not love the fact that it looks exactly like ours more. When mama cooks, Ru is right there next to me cooking away too. Our kitchen and dinning room are really one in the same, so it's this really large open space in our home that we love so much. Whenever we have guests this is where we are. 


  1. I love nothing more than seeing children's art stuck to the fridge freezer! Yet another beautiful room!
    This is such a great idea.. you have inspired me to do the same! I have now captured moments from each of the rooms in our house and printed out the photos, stuck them in my children's journals with a written telling them each what i love about each room.
    Thank you!


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