June 3, 2015

We welcome it, resent it, ask it to slow down, ask it to move faster. It is the thing in most of our lives that we are constantly fighting against and pushing towards. Some days it is on our side and others, it feels like we are swimming against it, drowning.

Each day that passes my daughter keeps getting smarter, funnier, more in tune with everything around her and aware of the fact that she is indeed transitioning out of babyhood. It's such a sweet time - watching and helping her grow. Often she'll claim she's a big girl now but sometimes she still says she's a baby and needs to be extra close. The passing of time around here for us is sweet and bitter. We have a really big year planned and  I'm doing my best to remember that what I have right now is today. What's to come is exciting but if I dwell on it too much, I'll miss what is happening right now and right now is so good.

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