October 12, 2015

We are settling quite nicely into our sweet little rental home. It is just what we wanted for this next year and will be the perfect place to welcome our new little babe. It's an odd thing, knowing you will be moving again in a year or so. I so badly want to settle in completely and truly but I know OUR home is waiting for us this next year. I am missing our old home which still very much feels like ours and that we'll be going home soon. I think mostly it's the familiarity of what home becomes over time. The smell, the creaks of the floor, the turn of each door knob - all the things that collectively make a home. It wasn't where we wanted to stay forever and now was the time to go but it is still hard to leave your first house and a house we loved at that. If you are curious - we are taking the plunge and doing something a little bit scary, a lot a bit exciting and for sure where are hearts are. We are building a home in downtown Cincinnati in our favorite little neighborhood, Over The Rhine. I'll be sharing more of that journey once we break ground (hopefully in the next month or two.) We have been designing and drawing plans for the last, almost year, and to finally see how this is all coming together is so, so exciting. Until then I'm trying to enjoy our little slice of quaint neighborhood - I've loaded up on the Halloween candy to pass out because i've been told our street is THE SPOT for trick or treaters and if there is one thing i've always wanted, it is to sit on my front porch and pass out candy! (nerd alert!) More soon...


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