December 20, 2015

My little love bug - the story teller. I can't even begin to describe how much and how eloquently my little talks. I know that sounds so boastful and I wish it were some genius parenting feat I could take credit for but her language- her ability to speak so fully and fluently is all her and has been so amazing to witness as her mama. She started talking at 15 months and could form a full sentence at 18. Now, at almost 3 years old the things she says blows my mind daily and makes me hysterically laugh at the same time. Having a little best friend around you can just chat the day away with is truly and utterly the very best thing for my mama heart, especially with a second little baby bird heading our way in the next month. Having Ru be able to communicate with me all her little heart's joys and worries is making the transition from baby to big sister for her so much easier - because I know exactly how she is feeling we have been able to talk through all of her emotions. I'm finding that fact alone to be so reassuring that this huge change in all of our lives is going to be smooth as butter (At least that is what I'm telling myself!)

Speaking of a second little bird - I'm super excited about my new Lily Jade tote. It's the perfect carryall for everything from diapers to snacks to an extra change of clothes, to mama's essentials too. I also love that I can rock this bag in the times I'm not with my girls. It's the little things, like a great bag that help make our days as mama's just a teensy bit easier. Don't you think?


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