February 25, 2016

About a year ago I started a new Instagram account with the handle, @OURCITYHOUSE. We had quietly been working on a dream of ours to design and build our own home in the middle of the city and I knew I wanted a place to not only document my passion for motherhood but the process of building a unique home from the ground up. The best thing about the project is that Nick, my husband, is the architect and developer so we have been able to go at our own pace, making every decision along the way. It's been both exciting and exhausting and now we are so ready to break ground and see this project come to life some place other than the computer screen (The photos are of the back and front of our lot.) We have one more step ahead of us before we can do so though. The neighborhood we are building in is historic and so we need to have our exterior design approved by a board to make sure the aesthetic is in line with the neighborhood. Nick has been working on that presentation every waking moment for the past several weeks. Fingers crossed we break ground mid-late March!

I'm really excited to use my blog as a place to document this journey. Design choices, interior aesthetic, the building process, budget, moving our family to the city- the whole shabang. Hopefully we can help answer questions about design and building if you are interested or in a similar position. Stay tuned!


February 22, 2016

It is really no secret that I am a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through. Running errands, grabbing coffee with friends, a night out (I just tuck it in and throw a pair of clogs on) - It's my uniform day in and day out. In the same category, a good pair of sweat pants that looks good in public is key to someone who swears by the jeans and tee uniform. That's where Victor comes in. A couple friends of ours started the brand not too long ago after seeing success from their denim co. Noble. Now, Nick and I are obsessed with Victor. Sweats, Tee's and sweatshirts, we own almost everything they make and I cannot tell you enough how these basic pieces, incredibly well made here in the US are game changers for someone who likes to dress casually. I'm so comfy every day (because let's admit, as a mom that is kind of top priority) but I think I still look good in these well fitting basics. The women's jogger is something new they put out and gosh, I love them so much! This style pant is so popular right now with the tapered, cropped ankle and I couldn't love the trend  more. 

As a fun sidenote - The Victor storefront here in Cincinnati is directly next door to where we are building our new home. This could be lethal to our bank account, but mostly I'm so excited for good friends and a really great business to be next to us :) 

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