May 16, 2016

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We are so excited to finally be at a place in our build where we are picking our finishes. Almost two years in the making and now we're here! We broke ground at the end of April and even though we are in the 'boring' parts of the build (foundation, concrete forms, etc.) it has been so fun going down to watch them work.

The kitchen has been the most fun to design and the above images each have elements in them that ours will also have. Being the heart of the home we really wanted this space to feel warm, unique and functional. Originally we wanted to go with the all white and wood look, but the more we thought about it, the more we decided to do something a bit more unique. So, as of now we are going with a white textured quartz countertop for both the counter and island, slate appliances and slate colored lower cabinets, a light grey ceramic tile from counter to ceiling and reclaimed wood open shelving. I don't care if open shelving is a trend - I love it so. Our layout is very similar to the top image, I love the wood and cabinet hardware in the second, the tile is perfect in the third and the cabinet color in the bottom is just right. Now to get it all sourced and ordered! Stay tuned!


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