July 21, 2016

Back of the house

Side of house, standing in driveway. Showing entry windows and pine wood wrap.

It's been a while since I've posted a proper update on our house. A LOT has been happening and the progress of the house is just blowing my mind. I'm so so excited for drywall to go up (this next week!) to start being able to show some interior progress as well. Here's the rundown of where we're at:
-Siding is up. Still needs to be painted (a very dark grey)
-Brick work will begin very, very soon. Most of the front facade is brick (also a dark grey.) It's been tricky trying to get a good front photo since there are always cars parked on the street and we have a very large, beautiful tree right in front of the house. 
-Interior- electric, plumbing, hvac - all run. 
-entire interior framed and ready for drywall.
-windows and sky lights are all installed.
-light fixtures ordered for entire home.
-appliances ordered.
-super close to finalizing and ordering kitchen cabinets and countertops.
-hardwood flooring ordered.

I'm sure i'm forgetting some other things that have been checked off the list. The whole process has been really fun and really overwhelming. I cannot say enough how thankful I am that Nick knows what the heck he is doing and has a calm, relaxed personality. Can't imagine working through a project of this scale with anyone else. Our contractor says we are on time and the house should be completed sometime in September! That is SO soon and we cannot wait to be home. I'll update again on the interior!

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