November 10, 2016

It's been two days since the election and it's safe to say I have never been as affected by any public event in my entire life. I'm having a really, really hard time wrapping my head around it and yesterday I spent most of the day in a fog fighting tears. Not because I so desperately wanted Hillary Clinton or another candidate to win, but because our country chose a man who's moral character makes me sick to my stomach. I will say that again - I am okay with the fact that Hillary lost, but I am not okay with who we voted in. A man who proudly ran his campaign on racism, sexism and greed among many other nasty traits. How is this a man we can teach our children to respect? How do we say to our children work hard, be kind and generous. Be fair and righteous and treat your neighbors and fellow Americans equally? How do we teach them these things when the leader of our country is proud to be unkind, racist and sexist? How?

I have two daughters and the man we chose to run our country has been involved in numerous sexual assault cases and publicly belittles women. I am supposed to be proud and hopeful in raising them in this country? They are being raised alongside boys who are now being taught that sexual assault is okay and that you can grab and rape women and still be president of the united states. I'm terrified for them. I'm terrified for my black friends and neighbors who are already seeing and feeling blatant racism. I'm incredibly saddened for the immigrant families in our own city who are frantically leaving the country for fear of being deported and tearing their families apart. This is all happening RIGHT NOW and it's real and it hasn't even been two full days.

I'm sad and confused that so many people I know voted for Trump and many solely because of his public stance on abortion (which he only recently decided was his stance.) One issue of so many to consider when electing the president of our country. Do you not see that he is in fact anything but pro-life? He is a man who does not care about the lives of the people in our country today, right now. I care deeply about the unborn but my personal view when choosing who will run our country surrounds ALL the issues collectively. I cannot vote based on one issue, even though I do care about it deeply, because look at what we have now. This man and I'm scared. I think we are way beyond the point of arguing over who the better candidate was because that part is done, but where do we go from here? How do we ensure the safety of our black, hispanic, LGTBQ friends and of our girls? How do we unite when so many of us feel completely shattered and sick to our stomachs? How do I stand in unity with someone who's morals I now question? These are real questions and I'm trying so hard to find the light through all of this.

I would love to bring people together to discuss our differences so we can better understand each other. Maybe that's how we unite? I want to hear you, I'm just having a hard time right now.

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